Ensure Your Resume Stands Out in 2017

2017 resume tips

Whether 2016 was a great year for you or you’re one of the many who are happy it’s over, 2017 is the perfect time to focus on something new. If you’re looking to change careers, finally go after that promotion, or pursue your dream job, this is the year to do it!

With the unemployment rate down to 4.6 and a reported 6 million open jobs, it’s looking like a great year for job seekers. And they know it too. According to FastCompany, 40% of workers are currently searching for a new job or at least planning their search. That means it’s more important than ever to make sure your resume is up to date with all your latest skills, achievements, and experiences.

Before you start your 2017 job search, look over your resume with a critical eye. Because it’s the first thing a recruiter sees from you, a complete and professional resume is key to a successful job search.

Keep these things in mind as you search for a job in 2017:

Think of your resume as a pre-interview

At Capstone, our approach to the resume is a lot like a pre-interview. We dig deeper into your individual approach to your job in order to get to the positive outcomes and metrics achieved. Since the resume is the hiring manager’s introduction into who you are and the type of employee you’ll be, it’s important it answers all of their initial questions. Your resume should paint a full picture of who you are and show the value you’ll bring to the company. If reading through your resume doesn’t answer many of the recruiter’s basic initial questions, you’re not likely to land an interview.

Show your value

When writing a resume, showing the value you’d add to your future employer is key. Hiring managers are more interested in what you accomplished rather than simply what you were responsible for. That’s why we include PARs in every resume we craft. PARs are Problem-Action-Result statements that explain the actions you took on the job to produce positive results for your team, department, or company. PARs are used to describe the problems and challenges you faced, the actions you took to solve them, and the results of those actions.

PARs are important because they show what you actually achieved and how you got that result, as opposed to simply listing your accomplishments without any context. Showing HOW and WHY you resolved a problem showcases your individual approach and skills. And most importantly, it gives an employer insight into how you would handle similar situations at their company.

Highlight your tech skills

In an increasingly technology oriented world, technological skills are a valuable asset. Even if you’re not the most tech savvy, it’s important to highlight your tech capabilities, from software you’re proficient in, to tools you’ve used everyday in past jobs. Being experienced in certain software, no matter how basic it may seem, is an advantage and will help you stand out to recruiters.

Take advantage of LinkedIn

In 2017, when recruiters are spending more time on LinkedIn searching for talent, an updated, professional, and complete LinkedIn profile is key. We’ve had several clients who have been noticed by a recruiter on LinkedIn first and were then asked for their resume. That being said, it’s important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date with all your latest skills, experiences, and achievements, as you never know when it may attract a recruiter from a company you’re interested in.

You can also use LinkedIn to assist in your job search, with their new Open Candidates feature that lets you discreetly signal to recruiters that you’re open to a new position. Read our blog on LinkedIn Open Candidates to learn more.

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Reply in a timely manner

Studies show companies are paying more and more attention to how quickly applicant’s reply to their inquiries. A fast response time shows that you are dedicated, eager, and committed to the position you’re applying for. For example, if it takes you 2 days to reply to an email to schedule an interview and it takes another applicant 2 hours, that applicant is most likely going into their interview with an advantage. So, as you search for jobs in 2017, be sure to constantly check your email and provide responses, documents, or assessments as quickly as possible.

If you’re planning your 2017 job search and need resume help, schedule a personal resume consultation today. We offer a wide variety of resume services, including: professional resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation, and KSA help.

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