Board Resume

Board Resume

Capstone Resume Services is dedicated to optimizing your Board resume and appealing to top-level executives on the hiring committee, board members and executive headhunters.

During our extensive one-on-one consultation, we will work with you to understand your ideal job and focus your experiences to showcase the contributions your candidacy will bring as a new member of the Board of Directors (BOD). To create an optimal Board resume, we will communicate how you plan to bring a differentiating voice to the Board of Directors.

The Board resume focuses on several areas of your experience and leadership, including:

  • Value Proposition: What is your unique value offer as a Board candidate?
  • Board-level & Advisory Experience: List committee and Board experience first.
  • PAR Highlights: Include experience that showcases your ability to enhance value to shareholders and describe the improvement in tangible terms, PAR means Problem-Action-Result and what you did for previous and current employers and Board positions.
  • Cultural Fit: Share soft skills and people skills such as problem-solving, risk mitigation, relationship building, decision making, and cross-functional leadership.
  • Public image: Promote your industry expertise by listing speaking engagements, community involvement/leadership, and publications.
  • Brand Development & Management: Speak to your experience driving company vision, shaping corporate identity, risk management, and positioning or strengthening the company’s brand.
  • Transformational Leadership: Accentuate leadership through transformations, M&As, restructurings, exits, turnarounds, consolidations, and rebranding efforts, etc.
  • Bottom-line Metrics: Quantify ROI, EBITDA growth, stock value, etc.

Brand yourself as a Board candidate that provides the diverse approach to problem-solving and developing future growth plans many organizations want. This will help them visualize you in a Board seat with an optimal professional brand, value, and leadership approach that set you apart from other candidates.

Our custom resume services include:

  • Personal resume consultation to discuss your current career goals, hard skills and soft skills, and contributions you’ve made in your roles that showcase your unique professional brand
  • Delivery within 4-5 business days of consultation (two revisions included if necessary)
  • Deliverable documents in editable Microsoft Word DOC and a universal PDF
  • ATS compatible designs and optimized content to get your documents directly in the hands of hiring decision makers
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Price $549.00

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