Technology Management Resume

As a leader in the technology field, you have a broad range of skills and experience that probably do not fit the mold of a traditional resume. Our goal is to display your executive decision-making expertise, complex management skills, and project management in a way that attracts executive recruiters and hiring managers in today’s technology space as well as makes it through the Application Tracking System (ATS).

Living and working in Silicon Valley means that we speak tech. We understand the creative and unique capabilities that our tech manager clients possess and we design resumes and content strategies to match the current hiring practices within the technology industry.

After meeting with you 1:1 to discuss your professional experience, we focus on marketing you and your skills for your ideal position that showcases value and benefit to your next employer. We position your resume as an exclusive career story that positions you as the model candidate by executive recruiters and hiring managers for their technology leadership opportunities.

Our custom resume services include:

  • Personal resume consultation to discuss your current career goals, hard skills and soft skills, and contributions you’ve made in your roles that showcase your unique professional brand
  • Delivery within 3-4 business days of consultation (two revisions included if necessary)
  • Deliverable documents in editable Microsoft Word DOC and a universal PDF
  • ATS compatible designs and optimized content to get your documents directly in the hands of hiring decision makers
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Price $399.00

Suggested Addons :

Add Cover Letter ($65.00)

Add LinkedIn Profile ($249.00)

LinkedIn Profile + Cover Letter ($259.00)

Resume Distribution Service ($249.00)