How The New LinkedIn App Can Help You Land Your Next Job

LinkedIn Job Search App

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for your career, allowing you to network and form connections with those who are knowledgeable and experienced in your industry. But, LinkedIn can be used for far more than just networking. In fact, the professional networking site can be extremely beneficial to your job search, and now LinkedIn has made searching for a job even easier with their new LinkedIn Job Search App. Specially built for job-seeking, the app allows you to search for job opportunities, seek references, and apply straight straight from your phone.

The search feature allows you to search LinkedIn’s selection of curated jobs based on a variety of criteria, including title, location, and keywords. Searches can also be filtered by the date the job was posted, job search relevancy, companies you’re interested in working for, industry, seniority level, and work function.

The app also recommends jobs you should consider applying for based on: other jobs you’ve viewed, the information on your LinkedIn profile, and saved searches. You can set up notifications that alert you when new jobs are posted that match your criteria, making sure you never miss an opportunity.

You can apply to jobs using your LinkedIn profile and track the status of your applications directly in the app. Privacy is also guaranteed, meaning your LinkedIn connections won’t see anything about your job search.

Now that LinkedIn has made it so easy to apply to jobs directly on LinkedIn, and straight from your phone, it is more important than ever to let Capstone Resume Services optimize your LinkedIn profile to maximize your performance.

With more than 400 millions users, LinkedIn has become an important part of employment. Here are some reasons why we think a professional LinkedIn profile is crucial to your job search:

  1. LinkedIn is a huge sourcing tool for companies.
  2. The language on a LinkedIn profile is a different tone than the more formal resume, but is still professional. It serves as a complement to your resume.
  3. Many companies will opt to source candidates on LinkedIn before even posting a position.
  4. More and more candidates are finding their next position on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in using LinkedIn to help you find the perfect job, but aren’t sure your LinkedIn profile is up to par, we can help. Capstone Resume Services can help you create a functional and professional LinkedIn profile that you’ll be proud to use when applying for jobs. To get started, request a consultation today!