Top 5 Tips for Demonstrating Upskilling on Your Resume

The job market is becoming increasingly demanding, and because of this, it is crucial to make your resume highlight your most valuable skills. As certified resume writers, we understand the challenges of securing a job in today’s competitive economy. Discover our top 5 tips for demonstrating upskilling on your resume.

In this article, we will share insight into essential strategies to effectively showcase upskilling on your resume. With these tips, you can ensure that your resume stands out among the rest. Get ready to dive into these 5 valuable tips that will help you take your career to new heights.

How To Demonstrate Upskilling on Your Resume

Upskilling describes the development of skills and education to progress your career. How you should demonstrate upskilling on your resume largely depends on the specific qualifications you’ve gained.

You’ve likely already upskilled during past job experiences, so you won’t always need additional training to enhance your application. Instead, you or a resume writer at a resume writing service company like Capstone will need to list the skills, experience, and education you’ve already gained in a way that hiring managers will notice.

How to Upskill on the Job

Highlighting current or previous positions in your industry is often the best way to demonstrate upskilling. Unless you completely shut yourself off after orientation day, you likely learn something new about your job and workflow process every time you clock in. This is especially true during massive industry shifts like post-COVID workflow changes.

You should indicate workplace upskilling in each applicable job description on your resume. In other words, don’t just describe your job but also elaborate on how your responsibilities changed. Resume writing services like Capstone can help you punctuate these points without wasting words.

Examples of upskilling on the job include:

  • Changes in job duties
  • Workplace training courses
  • Transfers to another position
  • Collaboration with another department
  • Unique experiences outside of your basic job duties
  • Adaptation to workplace changes, such as remote work or new management
  • New technical skills

Upskill Your Resume From Online Courses

While it’s not always necessary, taking online training courses is a great way to both expand your skills and directly spell out your upskilling experience. Nearly every industry has at least some online educational courses you can utilize, many of which are free. These resources are great for exploring specific corners of your field you haven’t formally worked in yet, thus obtaining important skills and experiences hiring managers may be seeking.

Upskilling through online training is also ideal for expanding your soft skills, such as communication, leadership, and time management. Even if the skills you gain through online training don’t apply to every job, they’ll still demonstrate to employers your eagerness to learn.

Highlight Upskilling Keywords

Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other technology to simplify the job search process. These tools analyze candidates’ applications and qualifications to judge if they’d be a good fit for their organization and company culture.

To determine what to highlight on your resume, start by scouring existing job postings for repeated keywords and desired skills. Then, include these keywords on your resume to optimize it for ATS tools. Executive resume services, including Capstone, can help you identify and integrate high-quality keywords relevant to your industry so your application stands out even more.

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Showcase Tangible Skills

Soft skills often look good on a resume, but in many industries, you should prioritize displaying your practical hard skills, such as working with a particular software or training in new industry developments. Being as specific as possible regarding your skills and experience will make your qualifications more concrete to employers, especially when you are navigating STEM job markets.

Technology is rapidly changing in the modern world, so while some employers are comfortable training candidates who demonstrate an ability to learn, hiring someone they already know can do the job is much easier.

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Polish Your Application With Capstone’s Top Resume Services

It can be challenging to craft an attractive resume that highlights upskilling, especially if you already have lots of details and experiences to include. The ideal resume is usually trimmed to one page and spells out all essential information and keywords in a way that’s easy to read.

In most cases, this requires active polishing and combining multiple points (such as including an upskilling example under a job description rather than “Skills”). Learning to align yourself for more opportunities in 2023 is the key to gaining the job you desire.

Unfortunately, the qualifications and keywords employers look for will frequently change with the rest of the job market, so it’s difficult to know what to highlight. Working with top-rated resume writer services can help with this, though. By talking with you one-on-one about your experiences and goals, a Capstone expert can polish your application and provide resume tips, such as what industry-specific qualifications are currently in high demand.

Why Upskilling Helps Boost Career Opportunities

While upskilling has been an unspoken necessity of most jobs, it is now among the most significant factors employers and hiring managers look for. Nearly every industry is actively changing in some way, so the companies and employees that work for them need to be adaptable.

The skills gap plays a significant role in determining which candidates employers consider. Upskilling based on the relevant needs of your industry could help you fill the skills gap in many organizations.

It also demonstrates that you are up-to-date with industry shifts, which is more important than ever for employers seeking high-quality candidates. A premier resume-writing service like Capstone can then help you take full advantage of this improved expertise.

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