5 Secrets to a Standout Technical Resume

The last 6 months have greatly changed the landscape technology job market. To find a technology job you need to make sure that you differentiate yourself using your resume. Capstone Resume Services specializes in technical resume writing and is one of the leading Silicon Valley tech resume services. In this article, our writers share the top 5 secrets to a standout technical resume in the current technology market.

Everyone in the technology job market recognizes that it is changing fast. Technical employers are looking for different skills, levels of experience, and attributes in candidates, and with a high rate of layoffs in the field, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Fortunately, our 5 secrets to a standout technical resume can help you navigate the current market and land your next position.

Keep reading to learn Capstone Resume writer’s 5 secrets to a better technology resume.

1. Stand Out Amid the Expanding Competition

When applying for new technology positions, you need to communicate through your resume, cover letter, and social media presence all of the qualities and skills that make you the best candidate for the position.

Amid mass layoffs nationwide, there are more technology candidates to compete against in the talent pool, many of whom are highly qualified and would like to get hired quickly to take advantage of the simultaneous hiring boom.

Research the specific skills different technical employers and recruiters are looking for in the technology job market, compare them with the experience and skills you already have, and ensure that employers’ needs are reflected in all of your application documents. These skills and qualifications should be written with two distinct audiences in mind; ATS software and hiring managers. We discuss these two technical resume optimization strategies in our recent article.

Why Your Technical Resume Needs to be ATS Optimized

Application Tracking System or ATS software is something that every technical resume needs to be optimized for in the current technology job market. ATS is the software that scans your resume before a human ever even looks at it. In fact, if you don’t pass the ATS scan, your resume will never even make it to a human.

Essentially ATS scans your resume looking for relevant and specific keywords that the company your applying for is prioritizing. Your resume needs to include these keywords in the right way to make sure the software notices them. If your resume is optimized for ATS software you are much more likely to land an interview. However, you cannot just write the resume for a technical scan, as eventually, a human will read your resume too.

Instead, you need to highlight the keywords as you demonstrate your knowledge and experience across your resume. Doing this in a clear, concise, and cohesive manner will ensure that your resume is optimized in the best manner possible.

How to Optimize Your Technical Resume for People

two men in technology job interviewOnce your resume passes the ATS software scan, then your resume is likely to be reviewed by an actual person, likely an HR team member or the hiring manager.

This is why it is critical that your resume is easy to read and understand. You need to create a resume that highlights the most relevant skills and experience related to the technical position you are applying for. When creating your technical resume you should take the extra time to review and edit your resume to reflect these areas.

It’s also important to include all your relevant certifications and licenses on your technical resume. Ideally, you should include anything that is relevant to the position, like any technical tools or specific skills that you have been certified in.

To create a stand-out technical resume it needs to be relevant, clear, and concise. Use direct summaries and overviews of your experience instead of long drawn-out paragraphs that will cause hiring managers to lose interest in your technical resume.

Optimizing your technical resume for both humans and software is a key step in building a stand-out resume. You should strive to stay ahead of the hiring opportunities and technical skill gaps in your specific field. When you identify an opportunity, be sure to update your technical resume accordingly to stand out from the technology job market competition.

2. Use Your Technical Resume to Show You’re an All-Around Fit

To truly stay ahead of the expanding competition, you need to prove that you’re a perfect fit for the company on all levels. At a base level, this means ensuring you have all the skills, qualifications, and experiences specific employers are looking for.

Today, many technology employers are seeking technology job candidates with specialized experience or training in multiple roles to close their skills gaps, which can be either beneficial or detrimental to you, depending on your qualifications. Consider taking additional training in your field to make your technology resume stand out. Be sure to include any past skills or cross-training from previous positions to help build a stronger resume.

In addition to proving you’re an ideal skills-based fit, you also need to communicate your value as a leader, as a dependable coworker, and as a cultural fit. Employers want to make sure you’re someone other people can work with, get along with, and depend on. We discuss how to align yourself as a cultural fit in our article about building a cultural fit with your resume.

To market yourself as a desirable coworker, ensure previous employers are on your list of references, cite any leadership or teamwork training you’ve undergone, demonstrate your personality on your LinkedIn profile, and research the hiring organization’s culture. All of these factors should be displayed on your resume to help it stand out further.

3. Build a Technology Resume that Proves Your Strong Work Ethic and Leadership Abilities

Image of technology worker for technical resume optimization blogWhen seeking new candidates, many technical employers are looking multiple steps ahead. They don’t just want to hire you for this specific position but would prefer that you stay for the long term and grow with the company.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you demonstrate your work ethic, versatility, and leadership skills through all stages of the hiring process, particularly on your technology job resume. If you can show your aptitude for growth and desire to build a career, it will give you an edge over those simply looking for the next job.

If you’ve held any previous leadership positions or undergone leadership training, communicate your applicable skills and style on your resume and during the interview. Include any of the previous positions that required you to work with other departments or to develop different skill sets, ensure your resume reflects this, even if it’s only in a bullet point beneath the job title. Any volunteer experience or continuing education will also do wonders in ensuring your resume stands out.

4. Brand Yourself Using Your Technology Resume and Your Linkedin Presence

Writing an appealing technology resume requires close attention to detail. Every gap, space, and unused bullet point could instead be dedicated to communicating your applicable skills, experiences, attributes, and work ethic. Your technical resume serves as a value proposition to employers. Every single word matters in communicating the benefits the team would gain by hiring you over other technical applicants.

On top of establishing a standout technical resume, you also need to have a viable social media presence that proves you’re industry-focused and career-driven. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with your career experience, achievements, and goals. Make regular posts about industry advancements, your thoughts on new technology, and any stories that authentically emphasize your positive work ethic. On top of this, LinkedIn is a wonderful networking resource for identifying employers’ needs.

If you leverage an expertly written Linkedin profile, you can take advantage of more opportunities in the technology field. Linkedin is often used by recruiting professionals and hiring managers to find their next applicant. When your profile is optimized for what they are looking for, you are much more likely to get noticed.

5. Let Capstone Help You Perfect Your Technical Resume and Application Documents

image of technical resumeCrafting an engaging technology resume that gets employers excited is crucial to standing out in the expanding technical job market. At Capstone Resume Services, our technology resume writers are experienced and prepared to help you assemble the most appealing resume, social media presence, and application strategy possible.

An ideal technical resume needs to adequately communicate as much information about the candidate as possible without forcing too many details. For this reason, our tech resume writers work one on one with you to include as much relevant information as possible and phrase it in a way that is easy to read, is both flattering and humble, and matches employers’ needs.

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