How to Align Yourself for Job Opportunities in the 2023 Technology Market

2022 was a busy year for the job market and has many technology workers asking themselves the same question for the upcoming year. The question of how to align yourself for job opportunities in the 2023 technology market has a large number of tech workers struggling to find an answer.

The end of 2022 saw extensive layoffs from numerous tech companies both small and as large as Twitter. As the industry moves into 2023, many tech companies are looking to fill holes from restructuring including brand new positions they never needed before or old positions they learned they couldn’t operate without after the layoffs.

However, with this massive market of new jobs in the new year, there’s an even larger market of tech professionals looking for work. With so much competition, there’s never been a more important time to prioritize the specifics of your technical resume and make your first impression truly stand out. When it comes to technical resume writing, Capstone Resume Services is here to help with its award-winning professional resume writing services. Keep reading to learn some of our tips to get hired in the 2023 technology industry.

Why Technology Workers Need to Update Their Resume and LinkedIn Right Away

image of computer code for technology job marketIf you haven’t updated your resume or LinkedIn before the layoffs, you need to do so immediately! Having an updated resume and linked in is crucial to finding a technical position in the 2023 technology market.

To ensure a solid first impression, it’s crucial to triple-check both your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Tech companies in particular heavily use LinkedIn and showing you are at least familiar with the website with a thorough profile and regular posts may help you stand out among the competition. Additionally, LinkedIn lets you highlight your own professional skills and assets in ways standard cover letters and technical resumes don’t.

Make sure your resume, LinkedIn profile, and any other portfolios or sites necessary are thoroughly up to date. If you’re a freelancer or contract worker, this means making sure every loose end and gig is represented, properly dated, and formatted. While resume formatting issues aren’t usually too problematic, they could dissuade potential employers in the tech industry who’d expect as much perfection in their work as you’d put on a one-page document.

Get Help Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in a while and aren’t sure what key specifics recruiters are looking for, you don’t need to worry. Capstone Resume Services can help you optimize your LinkedIn profile after they assist in writing your technical resume!

Before you pay for LinkedIn Premium, make sure that your profile is 100% optimized for recruiter and hiring manager searches. Capstone can help you draft a profile that matches your specific industry background and highlights your strengths and experiences. With a fully optimized LinkedIn profile, you will stand a much better chance of standing out against the competition for LinkedIn jobs, or getting discovered by a recruiter!

Contact our LinkedIn experts to get started discussing how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

How To Optimize Your Resume for Technical Job Interview

Having a standout technical resume is about more than having a solid job history or formatting everything in an alluring way. Particularly in the 2023 technology market, most employers will look for specific qualifications and keywords on technical resumes.

In fact, most resumes go through an Application Tracking System (ATS) that scans your resume for specific keywords that your potential employer is looking for. To make sure your resume gets past this initial scan, you need to ensure that your resume features the keywords that the software is looking for. Once you make it past this round, you need to make sure your resume is optimized for a hiring manager. Highlighting keywords and knowledge specific to your job in a cohesive manner is a great way to properly optimize your resume for human evaluation.

For example, if you were a “system operations technical lead” for a company, don’t just put “tech lead” or “operations tech” as the job title. Instead, highlight as much of the position as you can in the job title and description. This way, an employer looking to fill that exact tech position will identify you as perfect for the job right then and there.

We discuss how to use keywords in your resume in our Different Resume Optimization Strategies blog and our other recent blog, Navigating the Current Technology Market.

Hire Professional Technical Resume Writers

It’s human nature to spend hours staring at your technical resume without noticing typos, formatting issues, or missed opportunities for optimization. But while you are searching for hidden grammatical errors, you might be missing out on the keywords or current technology resume trends, especially if you have been out of the technology market for a while! Hiring a professional resume writer is recommended for any professional, but it’s particularly crucial for applicants in the current technology market.

At Capstone Resume Services, experienced resume writers compose and revamp resumes that are sure to help you stand out. Rather than just focusing on formatting, Capstone’s resume writing experts work with you one-on-one to learn your achievements, goals, and expertise to best adapt that to your resume and help get you to the interview stage of the hiring process.

Our industry experts help craft a resume that features the keywords and resume specifics that will get you past resume scanning software and land you a real interview. With professional technical resume writing services, you can help ensure that your resume will stand out from the competition in the technology market.

Research Technology Companies Hiring

With so many companies in the technology market hiring, researching the company you’re applying for is important; both to learn how to stand out and if the job would be worth your time.

By learning about the specific tech company that you’re interested in applying for, you can highlight certain attributes and skills in both your resume and cover letter that are relevant. By crafting a resume that speaks to industry specifics, your resume will seem more personal and direct than a resume that is written for a broader audience appeal.

Should you be offered an interview, you’ll be able to easily show off your knowledge of the company, which will prove to them you’re actually interested in the job. Finally, researching the company also helps you identify certain red flags, such as if this tech company just fired 90% of its staff. Work culture is a crucial factor in determining your next career move.

How to Find the Right Work Culture in the Technology Market

Workplaces are evolving and show no signs of stopping, especially in the technology market. For this reason, it’s more important to research a company’s work culture, both past, and present, than it is to research how the company currently operates.

When 2020 forced many businesses to become remote, some companies had to completely overhaul their structure and staff. Alternatively, other companies in the technology market managed to maintain their staff throughout the pandemic era without losing efficiency or morale. Work culture plays a massive part in how tech companies handle change and what the business will look like a year from now, which is crucial for job stability in the current shifting market.

Learn more about how to align a work culture within the technology market that’s the right fit for your next position by reading our recent blog on building the right cultural fit with your technical resume.

Hire Professional Technical Resume Writing Services and Apply Quickly

The 2023 technology market is moving fast. Companies know that open positions can’t remain open for long, so it’s crucial for you to apply quickly but also apply with your best foot forward.

Technical resume writing is one of the most intricate parts of the application process, but it’s especially important for technology professionals. Without a top technical resume, you are likely to miss out on opportunities with all the current competition in the technology market.

Capstone Resume’s award-winning technical resume writers are prepared to help you right away so you can begin the application process. For technical resume writing help, visit our website and request a FREE consultation today.