Choose A Resume Writer Who Plans To Interview You

Capstone Resumes - Resume Writer Who Interviews

We are professional resume writers and we write great resumes.
You are an expert on you, your skills and your experience.
Together, we can create an amazing resume that presents you in your best light.

We want to get to know you and we do that by interviewing you. If you are deciding on a resume writer, you need to know you are getting something that doesn’t resemble a template resume or a resume you could have done yourself in Microsoft Word.

We feel that interviewing our resume clients is the number one most important step in the resume writing process. Without the interview, we are simply editing your resume. Would an investigative reporter write about a topic without interviewing subjects first? No. Why would you trust a writing company that never wants to speak with you? There’s always so much more about a candidate than what is stated on an existing resume. People seek help because they feel they can’t capture everything about themselves on paper. That’s all some companies want to go off of to create a new resume for you-an incomplete document that doesn’t capture everything. It makes zero sense. And well, you could have Aunt Sally, who teaches 10th grade English, to proof and edit your resume.

We provide an in-depth analysis of your resume, ask you probing questions and then paint an online version of you to present to potential employers and hiring managers.

These Are Some of the Reasons Why A Resume Writer’s Interview Is So Important

Your Resume Writer Interview is Like Job Interview Training

Whether you are a serial job applicant or you’ve been off the job market for a while, it never hurts to get some interviewing experience. When we interview you, we are giving you a chance to articulate your best responses, without the risk of bombing the job interview. We will ask you questions that make you sell yourself. We’ll ask you questions that you might need to do some research to find the answers. Once researched, then you’ll have hard numbers for the ‘real’ job interview.

Career Counseling During the Resume Writing Process

Part of the interview is asking you questions that probe into your career goals. We will ask you questions about your current career, as well as expectations of where you want your career to take you. In your resume interview, the answers to your questions will be great training on how to respond to job interview questions and we might counsel you in a response that sells you better.

Creative and Collaborative Resume Writing

If your current resume presented you well, you wouldn’t be hiring us. And without getting to know you, we can’t take your existing resume and reflect your personality. By talking to you and asking questions, we are collaborating with you to create a personal brand presence on paper that best reflects you!

Resume Writer Wants To Get To Know Things That You Wouldn’t Write Down

By talking to you, we get to know things about you that you might not have listed on your resume. Maybe it isn’t relevant for your resume, or maybe it is. Either way, it helps us get to know you better, which means we can better write a resume that represents you.

A Resume Writer Wants On-The-Fly Responses

By asking you interview questions in person or over the phone, we get to know how you handle certain questions and get to know the way in which you speak and answer questions. Just as we learn things that you wouldn’t write down, we also get a chance to speak frankly with you and ask details about you that help us to establish work skills and personality traits that weren’t otherwise notated on your original resume.


So, are you ready to take the next step towards your dream job? It all starts with a good resume and Capstone Resume Services is here to help that first step a reality. Let’s talk! Let’s get that resume working for you!