Why A Resume Investment is Worth it

Whether you’re ready to start on a new career path or you’re simply looking for new opportunities, you will need a professional, up-to-date resume. Having an updated resume is a must for professionals across industries, from federal resumes to technology resumes. Standing out from the sea of competition requires that your resume delivers your personal brand representation, and meets ATS compliance requirements.

Why A Resume Investment is Worth it

While some rely on old-school outlines and outdated techniques, successful career builders know that using a professional resume service is the better choice. A top resume service is not only the best investment for securing your desired position — but securing it at top dollar. 

This article dives into the importance of a resume investment, why you should use professional resume services to create a personal brand representation that’s also aTS compliant, and the meaning of Compound Annual Growth Rate.

First, What is a Professional Resume Service?

At its core, a professional resume service creates a complete, polished resume that’s ready to be sent off to prospective employers. Although just getting it done accomplishes the goal, it isn’t necessarily going to set you up for success. That’s where finding a qualified resume service comes into play. You’re going to want to use a successful company that has certified resume professionals. 

It is important to shop around, and looking for award-winning resume services, or resume services that have positive client success stories is a good way to find the best resume services. You should also see what additional services the resume professionals offer. This can include anything from a resume distribution service, or having the resume experts build your Linkedin profile so better job opportunities find you!

What is Compound Annual Growth Rate

CAGR is an investment acronym meaning the Compound Annual Growth Rate. Understanding CAGR when it comes to resume services can provide confidence that your resume investment is sound. Don’t waste your money on a fly-by-night company that’s barely scraping by. Make a resume investment with a company that has a proven track record of success, like Capstone Resume Services.

When considering resume writing services, learn what the resume service includes, as well as how that resume service company performs when it comes to their CAGR, or Compound Annual Growth Rate. Basically, you‘re making a resume investment, and you’re going to want a return on it. This is a growing market, and Capstone is an industry leader.

How to Create an ATS-Compliant Resume

Many employers utilize an Applicant Tracking System or ATS to manage the volume of resumes they receive. While ATS is unfamiliar to most people outside of HR, it is something that 97% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS. An ATS allows companies to effectively screen candidates, saving the company time and money by rejecting people who won’t be a good fit. 

A quality resume service will make your resume ATS compliant, which will prevent you from being eliminated as a contender simply for having a resume that’s out of sync with an automated tracker. In order to maintain an ATS-compliant resume, your resume will need to be created with a standard format. 

While it might seem counterintuitive because you want your resume to stand out, it is important that the ATS be able to parse out your information for the HR director or hiring manager.

Essentially, ATS is made to make hiring managers’ lives easier. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to job candidates who don’t understand how to make their resume compliant, don’t have the time to make it compliant, or don’t realize that what they thought was ATS compliant actually isn’t. But, that’s where Capstone comes into play!

Why a Resume Investment is Worth It

Making a resume investment is an action you can take to help secure the career you desire. Ultimately, having a professionally created resume can help you discover and establish your personal brand, provide an ATS-compliant resume that stands out, secure higher pay, and find more opportunities. 

And if you make a resume investment with Capstone, you won’t have to worry that you’re wasting your hard-earned money on a resume service that produces an AI-generated resume that may get rejected.

Overall, a resume investment with resume professionals is one of the smartest moves you can make toward securing your desired profession.

How to Have Personal Brand Representation In Your Resume Documents

When making a resume investment, having personal brand representation in your resume is critical. A resume is not only a reflection of your professional achievements and experience, but it also reflects everything about you. You can make sure your personal brand is identifiable in your resume by having a one-on-one consultation with your resume professional. 

The interview will give your writer a feel for who you are so that the finished product reflects you and is attractive to employers. Having a current resume that reflects who you are presently is important when creating the best version of your personal brand. You don’t want the employer to see a version of you that is long gone. Furthermore, you will find that using a resume professional is worth the investment because they are objective and can provide meaningful feedback that you might not otherwise receive.

How a Resume Investment Can Get You a Salary Increase

The more impressive your resume is, the better salary offer you will receive. While no one should lie about their experience or education, it is possible to make the qualities that you do have stand out. By highlighting your most valuable skills, you’ll be positioned to ask for a better salary — and be poised to receive it.  

Resume professionals are experienced in understanding what hiring managers are looking for in job candidates. They know how to make sure your qualifications are tailored to the position you’re seeking, that there are no errors, and that your resume stands out from the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes that employers see. They will help you be seen for you and what you deserve. 

Making a resume investment is something that can help you secure the job you want at the pay you’ve dreamed of.

2 business men agreeing on salary increase after a resume investment

Increases Career Opportunities With Capstone

Capstone will provide you with a personalized, professional-quality resume that will stand out in a sea of job applicants, but if you’re looking for the next level, Capstone also offers resume distribution service that will get more eyes on your resume. Our goal is to make securing a job easy for those who make a resume investment.

Why Capstone is the Best Resume Writing Service 

Capstone is one of the best resume services for a reason: it consistently performs at a high CAGR. Our company even won Best Resume Writing Service for CVs in 2023. Capstone received this award from Find My Profession.com primarily because of its one-on-one interviews, quick turnaround, and affordable price. Making a resume investment with Capstone will help you attain your career goals.

Invest in Yourself With a Resume Investment From Capstone

Capstone’s resume professionals offer personal, one-on-one consultations so the resume writer knows who you are. Your resume will be written by a person who has the experience and expertise to create your resume in a way that showcases your talent, stands out, and stays in compliance with ATS. 

Choose a professional service that delivers. Contact us for a FREE resume consultation to invest in your future.