How To Incorporate KSAs Into Your Federal Resume

ksas for federal resume

If you’re applying for a government position, it’s important that you have a federal resume that is specifically tailored to the job for which you’re applying. Federal resumes have their own specific requirements, and one of the most important parts of a federal resume is the KSA.

What is a KSA?

KSAs are the attributes required to perform a job. KSA statements show how you applied your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to achieve results in your previous positions.

In the past, most government jobs had a list of KSA questions for applicants to answer to determine the candidate’s skill level and qualifications. KSA questions were answered in separate statements that addressed each question, resulting in a very lengthy resume.

Today, many federal jobs still require KSAs, but they aren’t as prevalent as they once were. Now, it’s considered optimal to incorporate KSA points into the federal resume itself, highlighting the skills desired for the job throughout the summary, achievements and work experience that showcase what the potential employer wants to see, resulting in a federal/KSA hybrid resume.

At Capstone Resume Services, we offer both approaches, depending on what your future employer is looking for. We still write separate KSA responses for applications that include specific KSA questions, but we also incorporate KSAs into the federal resumes we create, utilizing the federal resume/KSA blend method.

Whether you need separate KSA statements, or want to incorporate them into your resume, there are a few important things to consider when thinking about KSAs.

Include keywords.

If the position you are applying for doesn’t have separate KSA questions, it’s important that you read the job posting carefully to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities the organization is looking for. Look for keywords as you read the post, and then be sure you include those keywords in your own resume, building your KSA statements around them. This is an easy and effective way to tailor your resume to the specific position.

Keep it concise.

It’s important that your KSAs are short, clear, and concise, emphasizing your accomplishments and highlighting how you use your skillset to get results. If you have specific KSA questions to answer, be sure your response fully answers the question, and use examples to back up your skills and show how you have put them into practice.

Use numbers wherever possible.

When incorporating your KSAs into your federal resume, be sure to use numbers to back up your claims and show your value. Include specific dollar amounts, times, and quantities where you can. It’s important to be as specific as possible, as hiring managers want to be sure that you have the skills necessary to excel in the position and be an asset to their organization.

Don’t be afraid of detail.

To be rated as “Best Qualified” for the position and have your resume passed on to selecting officials, it’s crucial that you provide as much information on your past experiences as possible. If you’re applying for a government position, detail is key. Employers want to know about your past experiences, so providing them with examples of past projects that highlight exactly what you did for a company and how you achieved it will help you to paint a full picture of the type of employee you are.

Whether you’re in need of traditional KSA statements, or are looking to weave your KSAs into your resume, Capstone Resume Services can help! Our experienced professional resume writers have over 75 years of combined experience and know exactly what hiring managers are looking for. We start the resume writing process with a one-on-one personal consultation that allows us to learn about your experience, accomplishments, skills, and goals. From there we will create a professional federal resume that is sure to impress hiring managers.

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