Want to Make Sure Your Resume Has the Right Keywords? Make a Tag Cloud!

Hiring managers look at a resume for a mere 6 seconds. At least that’s what studies have shown. That means you have 6 seconds to make an impact. 6 seconds to ensure they see everything they need to see.

That’s where keywords come in. Keywords are crucial because they make the resume easily scannable and highlight your main skills. They also are picked up by resume scanning software.

So, all of your main keywords should be easy to find with a very quick read of your resume. But how do you ensure they are? That’s where tag clouding comes in.

A tag cloud shows words in the document by frequency, highlighting the most frequent words as bigger and bolder fonts. Words that are used less show up as lighter and in smaller fonts. TagCrowd is a free and simple online tool that allows you to create a tag cloud for your resume.

If you want to see what words are most often used in your resume and which ones stand out, simply go to TagCrowd and paste your resume into the text box (or upload it). You can then select the maximum number of words you want to show and the minimum frequency. It also lets you choose if you want to show the word count next to each word (how many times that word shows up) and if you’d like to group similar words together. You can also type in certain irrelevant words you don’t want it to analyze. Once you hit the “Visualize!” button, you will see your resume’s frequently used words. The word that is used most frequently will be the biggest.

This will allow you to see what a recruiter will see when they look at your resume and show you what keywords the recruiter will associate with you. It will also help you identify what key information or words may be missing so that you can paint a complete picture of the type of employee you are and the value you’ll bring to the company.

Tag clouding can also help you see what you need to change in your resume. It’s important to be concise in a resume, and too much repetition could have a negative effect. With tag clouding, you can see which words you overuse and where you could change things up.

For an example of how tag clouding can be applied to your own resume, we’ve included a sample tag cloud for an IT Project Manager resume below.

It’s not just about what recruiters see. It’s also about what search engines and resume scanning programs will pick up. For more information on keywords and how to use them, check out our blog on how to get your resume noticed with keyword optimization and our tips for preparing your resume for applicant tracking systems.

resume word cloud sample  IT project manager word cloud sample