The Short List: Three Q4 Hiring Myths and Facts

While most people get busy during the holiday season, it’s also when many companies have open positions to fill. Contrary to popular hiring myths, Q4 can be a great hiring opportunity for job seekers.

However, many job seekers don’t bother applying during the holidays because they think companies aren’t hiring or that the process is slow. Some job seekers believe that potential employers take vacations during this time, and there is no point in submitting a resume.

But this isn’t always the case; research by Career Builder shows that about 43% of organizations plan to hire permanent employees before the year ends. That means nearly half of potential employers are seeking top talent at a time when many other people aren’t even bothering to apply. It’s your opportunity to craft a great professional resume and stand out from the competition!

This article will go through all the hiring myths that can hinder your end-of-year job-hunting process.

Myth #1: Employers Don’t Hire Until January

Interview During Q4 Stock Image for Hiring Myths blogMany people believe the hiring myths that companies don’t hire at the end of the year. But that’s not true. To run a successful business, organizations need to plan. Therefore, many companies start planning for next year before January, which includes their hiring process. Some begin the job recruiting before the start of the year and shortlist potential candidates from the end-of-year job applications.

Many of these Q4 job applicants could become new Q1 hires!

So, don’t wait until January to start looking for a job; you’ll likely miss out on some great opportunities. Instead, be proactive and start preparing your resume now. Getting your resume in front of the hiring team now will increase your chances of being contacted for interviews in the coming months.

Additionally, using a professional resume writing service can provide an edge over the competition by highlighting your skills and experience to help you stand out on your resume. When less people are applying you have an even better chance to wow job recruiters.

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on job postings and networking events throughout the holiday season. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find your dream job immediately, but putting in the effort early (and year-round) will yield the best chance of success.

Myth #2: I don’t have to get my resume or LinkedIn done until January (Q1)

Many job seekers make the mistake of neglecting to prepare the required documents before applying. The best time to start working on your resume is now, even if you don’t have all the details finalized.

Finalizing your resume and LinkedIn profile before January is essential. That way, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of job opportunities in the fourth quarter. Many people miss out on jobs because their resume isn’t ready, so don’t wait until the last minute.

A majority of job seekers don’t have time to write a resume or lack confidence in their ability to represent their skills on paper. In that case, you can always ask for expert resume writing help to elevate your visibility to hiring managers with a professionally written resume.

Furthermore, having a well-optimized LinkedIn profile in place also increases your chances of getting hired because LinkedIn serves as a passive networking tool all year round. Leading resume writing services like Capstone Resume Services also offer Linkedin profile optimization services. So, take advantage of all the resources available to you and get your resume and LI profile ready for hiring managers!

Myth #3: Companies don’t have hiring budgets in Q4, so best to wait until January (Q1) to submit a resume

As the end of the year approaches, many job seekers wonder if it’s worth submitting their resumes or if companies hire during Q4. After all, shouldn’t companies be wrapping up their hiring for the year? It’s one of the popular hiring myths that simply aren’t true.

It’s a common misconception that companies don’t have hiring budgets in Q4, and it’s best to wait until January to submit a resume. However, this is not always the case. Many companies operate on a “use it or lose it” principle regarding the budget. So, at the end of the year, when heads of departments know they still have an available hiring budget in the company, they may be more inclined to utilize the available resources. Hiring managers would rather spend their recruiting budget than lose it for next year.

Moreover, managers assess organizational performance through annual progress reports and identify what talent they want to bring to fill the gaps or round out the team. This scenario means there may be more opportunities for job seekers during Q4 than at other times of the year.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a job, don’t let such hiring myths dissuade you from applying during Q4. You may find your dream job!

External Factors That Affect Q4 Hiring

While we’ve just debunked several popular hiring myths, there are external factors that can affect hiring during Q4 as well.

Take recent events for example, with the major layoffs at Twitter, Meta, and many other technology positions. Meta alone laid off more than 11,000 people during their workforce reduction measures. With all these major layoffs, a large pool of talented technology workers have re-entered the workforce.

Other companies that are seeking top talent will see this as a major hiring opportunity, and won’t be waiting until the first quarter to scoop up some of the top talents from these technology giants. Technology companies that are growing will be hiring technical workers quickly to make sure they get the best of the best.

To take advantage of this, individuals in technology need to make sure they have an updated technical resume to stand out in the crowd of talent. With so many workers re-entering the workforce, there is going to be stiff competition for technology positions.

That is why it will be more important than ever for technology workers to review and update technical resumes, or find a certified technical resume writer who can improve your resume. With a top technical resume writing service, you can create a resume that highlights your technical skills, talent, and experience in a way that your competitors do not. With a resume written by a technical resume writer, you can be sure that your resume will differentiate you from other candidates, and get you to your first technical interview.

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