Capstone Ranks As One of the Best Resume Writing Services

No matter your industry, a great resume has the power to open doors for your career. A less-than-impressive resume can have the opposite effect — the average recruiter only spends six seconds on one resume before putting it aside. To get your foot in the door, you need a resume that makes a powerful first impression. 

That’s where Capstone can help. After more than eight years in business, we’ve reached a national ranking: #4 out of all the resume writing services on the market. From executive to professional to entry-level, we’re the experts on professional resume, executive biography, and LinkedIn brand development.  

What’s behind our top national ranking? We put the client experience first. When you work with Capstone, you can expect personalized, one-on-one attention from industry experts who know what it takes to get your resume at the top of a recruiter’s list. 

Below, you’ll find out everything that sets us apart from other resume writing companies. 

We Work With You One-On-One 

At Capstone, the client comes first in every step of the process. Before we begin the process of creating a resume, we start with an in-depth phone or video resume writing consultation with the writer drafting your materials. 

The writer’s job is to act as a partner during the writing and revision process — asking all the right questions about your employment history, career goals, and achievements. From beginning to end, we’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure you have a voice in the process. 

We Hire Certified Resume Writers 

While some resume writing services boast low prices and quick turnaround, there’s no guarantee for quality. In fact, many professional resume writers don’t have any industry experience. 

At Capstone, we only hire certified resume writers from diverse professional backgrounds. No matter your goals, our writers are prepared to help you meet them. As certified resume experts with years of experience, they can leverage their in-depth industry knowledge to partner with clients. Our writers have personal experience working with anyone from mid-level professionals to C-level executives, including board members.

We Offer Personalized Assistance 

Unlike other resume service companies, we don’t use a generic template. You can expect personalized and customized attention from each resume writer as they craft your resume. 

Our writers start with a comprehensive understanding of your career goals and employment history to create a more innovative approach to marketing you as the best choice for the job. Each resume and cover letter is tailored to help you reach your unique goals. 

Our consultation service relies on consistent communication from start to finish. Your writer will keep in touch throughout the process to make sure that the goals and messaging are perfectly optimized. This way, your resume has the best chance at opening doors for your career. 

We Include Flexible Revisions in Price 

If you’re not 100% satisfied with every part of your first resume draft, we include flexible options for revisions in the initial price. There’s no additional fee for a second or third draft, so you can be sure that all your goals are met and your requests resolved. Our writers will address any concerns you have, even if it goes beyond one revision. 

We Have a High Success Rate 

Unlike some professional resume writing services, you can be sure that it’s not all just talk with Capstone. We have proven results — with a high success rate for all our clients. 

Our resumes are: 

  • Written for every individual client (not template-based)
  • Personalized to best capture each client’s unique value 
  • Optimized to hit the right industry keywords, including ATS (applicant tracking system)
  • Tailored to communicate the right skills for the job description 

Our resume writers take their time to get to know each client, and this care reflects in the quality of our resumes. The success stories speak for themselves, as do the many referrals clients send to friends, family, and colleagues. We take pride in delivering the best service to our clients. 

Why Capstone Resume Writing Services Ranks at #4

With the hundreds of resume writing services out there, why should you choose Capstone? The answer is simple. There might be other resume services out there with similar claims about success rates, turnaround times, and certifications. But we’re one of the few companies built around service first and foremost. We recognize that resume writing isn’t a product that you can sell, so we structured our company to focus on serving the needs of our clients. 

If you work with Capstone, you can expect personalized attention, an in-depth consultation, and a resume that takes your best qualities and frames them in an attractive package for your next job application. Ready to show hiring managers your best? Request a consultation with us today!