What to Include In a Technical Resume

what to include in technical resume

The type of position you are applying for will dictate what exactly you include in your resume, as it should always be tailored for the specific position and company you are applying for. If you are applying for a position in the technology field, you’ll need a technical resume.

Whether you are a developer, IT consultant, or work in another role within the tech industry, there are certain things you resume must include to ensure you stand out to recruiters.

Technical resumes come with their own set of requirements. That’s why we thought we’d write up some helpful tips to ensure your technical resume has what hiring managers want.

5 Things Every Technical Resume Should Have

The challenge you’ll face in your technical resume is being specific enough for managers who understand your position and vague enough for those who don’t have specific tech knowledge, such as recruiters. Because of this, it is important to be specific in your language, but still put the focus on the accomplishments that show your value. Keeping things concise will keep you from getting into the level of detail that could leave hiring managers confused.

Every technical resume should include the following:

Technical Summary

Typically at the beginning of the resume, a technical summary gives an overview of your most important credentials and key accomplishments, as well as a quick description of what information appears in the rest of the resume. Your technical summary should be as specific as possible and also include all of your technical competencies. Be sure to only include the latest technology and software. Outdated tech mentioned on your resume will make you appear as if you are behind the times.

Specific Dates

When it comes to your work history, be as specific as possible with your dates. A recruiter will be looking for any gaps in employment or potential red flags.

Action Verbs

Action verbs show ownership and achievement and allow you to highlight the things you accomplished in your last position. Passive phrases should only be included where necessary. Some common action verbs to include in a technical resume are: completed, configured, built, developed, and created.” Sprinkle these throughout your resume wherever you can.


Including your accomplishments is much more effective than simply listing your experience. By explaining and contextualizing what you achieved, you are showing your value as an employee. When highlighting your accomplishments, get as specific as possible and quantify them when you can. Hiring managers are looking for measurable results.

Technical Skills

The top five technical skills employers in tech are looking for are: big data analysis, coding and programming, project management, social media experience, and technical writing. If you have any of these skills, be sure to highlight them in both your resume and cover letter. Reading the description of the job you are applying for can also help you determine what skills to highlight on your resume. If you see certain skills mentioned within the position posting, be sure to include all that you possess in your own resume to stand out.

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