Be Prepared for Job Searching in 2022

The pandemic had a bigger effect on the world than anyone could have predicted. People realized they were spending too much time at work and not receiving enough pay and incentives in return. The cost-to-benefit ratio of pre-pandemic work conditions led to what experts and news outlets are now calling  The Great Resignation. The number of people leaving their jobs even outweighed the number of jobs lost due to lay-offs from businesses shutting down.

Now that vaccines have been developed and organizations have had time to adapt, experts are predicting a  shift in talent acquisition in 2022. Some industries are going to have more job recruiting growth than others. Healthcare, information technology, supply chain management, and financial management are experiencing growth directly related to challenges caused by the pandemic. 

Adapting to a New Normal

One thing that employers have learned to accept is gaps in work history and another is job hopping. Two things that might have been huge obstacles in the last 20 years are going to be non-factors now. Job hopping is even being recommended as a way to increase pay faster than staying at the same company and waiting for a raise.

Most job markets are going to have more remote positions. This affects both the job searching process and the candidate searching process, since everyone will be competing on a global market. Initially, this may look like it will only make wages lower, as that’s the classic idea of outsourcing. 

However, in this new setup, job seekers will have access to jobs at companies in countries that offer better benefits than traditional US companies. In turn, these companies will have to either improve their job recruiting efforts or their benefits. 

A Job Seekers Market

In 2022, job searching is going to be an art. Even with a remote global job market, expert projections for job openings in 2022 outweigh the available labor market. This means that job seekers will have more power in the coming year than the organizations looking for talent. 

Organizations will start losing top talent if they can’t give them great incentives to stay. Being able to work remotely from home is going to be the bare minimum job seeker requirement. Organizations are going to have to step up their game and get creative with benefits to stand out from the crowd.

Those doing job recruiting are going to put a lot of emphasis on perks and benefits in the coming year, but don’t let that distract you from the importance of company culture. It will take a lot of benefits to outweigh a toxic work culture. 

That doesn’t mean you can get lazy during your job search, though. You will still have to outsmart automated filters and stand out amidst piles of resumes to reach the point of negotiating benefits.

How You Can Prepare for the 2022 Job Market

The best way to have an advantage in the 2022 job market is to start preparing in 2021. Employers are ramping up their resources to hit the ground running in January 2022, so job recruiting is happening now. That way, they can recruit candidates for interviews after the holiday break. Being ready to hire now will help you get a jump on other candidates.

First, get your resume and CV up to date. Create a LinkedIn profile or get active if you have one already. Make a list of places you want to apply to as if you are recruiting. You can even hire a professional to evaluate your profile and create content to attract the best potential employers for you.

That being said, prepare all of your documents now. An updated and optimized resume is key, but assuage future stress by building a cover letter template you can personalize for each company, requesting letters of recommendation, getting current on certificates or licenses, and finding all of your identification documents.

If you’ve never done a remote interview, now is the time to practice. Even local companies are switching to video interviews. This adds a new layer to the job searching process that most people haven’t dealt with before, like being aware of your background before you join the interview. 

Also, practice looking into the webcam to make your eyes appear more open and interested, instead of actually looking at the interviewer or even looking at yourself.

Capstone Resume Services Can Help You Prepare for the 2022 Job Market

Don‘t find yourself in the position of seeing an announcement for your dream job and not being ready to instantly apply. Reach out to a resume writing service now, because it can take a couple weeks to get your documents ready to apply. 

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