How Organizations Are Identifying Their Next Leaders

Organizations conducting executive searchers are looking for specific skills and qualities in candidates. Your best bet to exceed expectations is to learn and adopt the most recent market trends for leadership roles.

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Adaptability to New Technology

New technology has always tested a company’s ability to adapt and learn. In recent years, the rising popularity of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have changed the landscape of the business world.

Organizations going through an executive hiring process are looking for leaders with intimate knowledge of these new tech innovations. Businesses whose leadership team is able to implement these technologies successfully will have a competitive advantage in the market.

Companies that are able to adapt can easily ride the growth wave that accompanies integrating new tech into previous systems. Professionals who can contribute niche tech skill sets will be in higher demand than those who cannot. Having technical assets on your leadership resume is a must.

Emphasis on Leadership Attributes & A Cultural Fit

It’s obvious but it must be said. A company looking to hire a for a leadership role wants to see your leadership skills. Being able to produce results will always be highly valued by a company. But, now in addition to producing results, organizations want to know the type of leader a candidate is as well as their growth mindset. This is how they gauge a leader’s potential ability to not only adapt to their workplace culture but how the candidate will help establish and grow the company into a new culture they want for the future. This is why organizations across every industry emphasize the importance of leadership and the candidate’s brand. Having a leadership team with the ability to manage and motivate a team is essential for businesses as they look to scale and grow.

To be considered for team leadership roles, you need to develop and demonstrate an ability to:

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Think outside the box
  • Lead by example
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Think strategically
  • Be proactive

It is advisable to research a company’s values and mission before applying or going into an interview — understanding how your unique skills can be an asset to the team. Highlighting any leadership roles you have had in the past and how you utilized your skills to produce results can be beneficial as well. Try to align your leadership values and past experiences with the company’s values and priorities.

Evaluation of Past Leadership Role Performance

Not surprisingly, organizations looking to fill leadership roles want to evaluate a potential employee’s past performance. Executive searches require a history of success in your previous roles since businesses want you to bring that knowledge of success to their company.

When applying or interviewing for a leadership position, be prepared to discuss:

  • How you made an impact in your previous positions
  • How you changed the strategy or procedures of the position to improve results
  • What statistics you can lean on to help demonstrate your leadership success

Specifically, think about what you have done in your previous roles to improve the performance of the team or company. When you go for the interview, prepare all the relevant examples and be ready to discuss them in detail. Statistics or numerical proof is a great way to demonstrate your past leadership roles’ success.

Ability to Make an Immediate Impact

The Great Resignation and pandemic have caused organizations to put a greater emphasis on finding leaders who can make an immediate impact. They want to see that you have the ability to come into the role and hit the ground running, producing results quickly.

Create a Resume to Get Hired as the Next Generation of Leaders

A complete understanding of the company and what it intends to achieve will be your highest differentiator. Communicate to your interviewer your knowledge of the company so that they believe that you have the ability to produce immediately. Tailor your resume in a way that demonstrates this ability in past roles.

Creative Problem-Solving Skills

Rising costs, shipping issues, and high turnover have all plagued organizations over the last few years. The complexity of these problems has left organizations searching for people who can provide creative solutions.

Leaders who can think outside the box and come up with ways to adapt and implement their creative solutions will be in high demand. The next leaders of organizations will provide a fresh perspective on the company’s issues.

Conduct background research on the company and learn about the investors and partners. Moreover, determine the potential problems the company may be having, and brainstorm several creative ways to fix them. Make these points conversation pieces in your interview to prove you have what the company is looking for.

Expanding Inclusive Practices

Topics such as diversity and inclusivity have become part of larger conversations within organizations. Leaders who can help businesses create an inclusive environment that attracts and retains a talented, diverse workforce will be in high demand.

According to Mckinsey, more diverse and inclusive corporations have been found to outperform their competitors by 35%. A Harvard Business Review article states that diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets in an industry.

Now that diversity and inclusion have been shown to have a monetary impact, organizations are finding ways to change their practices. When applying or interviewing for a leadership position, show your efforts toward inclusion and your understanding of how it can help an organization.

The Future Leaders

You can position your talent and leadership skills to impress organizations but knowing exactly what they are looking for will give you the advantage.

Understanding these market trends in leadership roles will help you be one step ahead in your executive job search. Use this information to adapt your resume, application, and interview strategy to match what organizations are looking for in their next leadership role.

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