How To Beat the January Job Search Rush

beat the january job search

Considering taking the month of December off from your job search to get some shopping done and prepare for the holidays? Don’t. You may think hiring managers are too busy preparing for the holidays to pay attention to your resume, but that’s actually a myth.

The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, but December is actually a great month to start applying for new positions, as many job seekers wait until the New Year to begin their search. In fact, many recruiters and Human Resources professionals actually say December might be the best month to find a job.

Searching for a job during the holidays shows employers you’re dedicated to your job search and are excited about a new position.

Want to give yourself momentum heading into January? Here’s why you should prepare your resume for a December job search:

Less competition

Many job seekers don’t start their job search until December, due to a busy holiday schedule or the misconception that the holiday season is a bad time to search. That being said, the candidate pool is significantly smaller in December, making it easier for you to stand out from the crowd with a professional, polished resume.

Also, according to a survey conducted by ExecuNet, 69% of recruiters place as many, if not more, candidates in December than in other months. So, what are you waiting for?

Easier access to recruiters

Many executives and recruiters travel less during the holidays and are easier to reach directly while their assistants are away on vacation. They have more time to dedicate to your resume, as well as your interview, and are generally much more responsive in December than any other time of the year.

Many managers are also under pressure to have a team in place before the new year starts, and also have budgets they need to spend before December 31.

More opportunity

December is a great time to seek seasonal or temporary work because many companies need extra staff during the holiday rush. If you’re in the nonprofit industry, the holidays are a great time to apply for positions, as nonprofits are typically busiest during this time of year and are constantly seeking more help.

If you make the decision to beat the January rush and start applying for a job now, keep these tips in mind:

Build up your network

Be sure to build up your network over the holidays. It’s a great time to reconnect with old friends and coworkers via LinkedIn and Facebook. Also be sure to touch base with recruiters you may know, reminding them that you’re there and may be a great candidate for a position they know about.

Send a holiday greeting

It’s a good idea to send out holiday cards or a small gift to companies you’ve interviewed with to stand out and remind them who you are. This also opens the door for you to inquire about any new positions you may be a fit for.

Also be sure to send out holiday greeting cards to mentors, contacts, recruiters, old coworkers, and anyone else who has assisted you in your job search. You can also send holiday messages on social media as well as a quick way to stay in touch.

Attend a party

Holiday parties are actually great networking opportunities. Believe it or not, but recruiters attend holiday parties looking for potential talent. Don’t’ be afraid to go to a party of a company you’re interested in as a plus one, as it’s a great time to feel out the company and see who you’d be working with. Just be sure not to bring your resume or ask for a job, as you don’t want to come off too aggressive or rub anyone the wrong way.

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