Do I Need to Customize My Resume For Each Application?

customized resume

Our goal in assisting you with your resume is to make your life easier not harder. If you have to tweak that resume to apply for each job, then you are not clearly stating your experience in a way that fits the jobs you are applying for or you are applying for too broad a range of positions. There are exceptions to this argument including the job seeker with a split career between HR and Marketing or laid off job seekers trying to find a position, any position in any field. However, for the most part, you shouldn’t need to customize your resume very much if it was done well from the start.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Once you have put the effort into creating the ideal resume, you might make some changes as time goes on, but for the most part, it represents you, your experience and your achievements. If you aren’t getting results from your resume, you might consider re-evaluating the specific job skills that you are highlighting or hiring a professional resume writing service to take a look at your resume and optimize content based on a broader scope of transferable skills.

It’s An Application, Not A Marriage Proposal.

Do/did you only date people that had 100% soulmate potential? If you are in the job market, we do not recommend you apply for everything under the sun, but we do suggest you put yourself out there with a few different openings and employers to expand the net you cast in the job market, so to speak. The more connections, the more chances for interviews and offers.

One Size Fits Most.

Your experience is uniquely yours. The measurable experiences and accomplishments of your work history are definitive and will not change depending on the job application. If you are changing careers or applying in two different industries, maybe this warrants having two resumes available.

Customize the Cover Letter.

Your cover letter should be between 4-5 paragraphs. The first and last paragraphs should include the introduction, contact details and closing, leaving you approximately 2-3 paragraphs to customize. This should not take too long and if it does you may be overthinking it. Consider the following questions and answer them in your cover letter:

  • What interests you about this job?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for it?
  • What experiences can you call out that might interest the recruiter or hiring manager?
  • Do you have anything unique that needs to be addressed in the cover letter that might red flag your resume?

Job Searching Can Be A Full Time Job.

Whether you are currently working or your full time job is trying to find full time work, applying for positions can be daunting. Capstone Resume Services specializes in helping strengthen your resume to help you land the interview. If you feel like your application to callback ratio isn’t strong enough, we can help you evaluate your resume and identify a stronger resume to help you get seen.

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