Should You Use ChatGPT for Resume Writing?

ChatGPT is a highly-talked-about OpenAI chatbot that is developing fast. Professionals, college students, and large organizations are trying out this technology to write papers, emails, and other content, with mixed results. With OpenAI’s seemingly expanding capabilities, professionals are now asking, “Should you use ChatGPT for resume writing?”

As a super advanced AI language model, ChatGPT can easily and quickly generate coherent and contextually appropriate text based on your input prompts. This can make it very tempting to rely on ChatGPT for resume writing or to enhance your existing one. However, before relying on ChatGPT too heavily you must consider the limitations and potential drawbacks of this AI language model.

In this article, we discuss whether ChatGPT can be a better option than professional resume writers. If you need help writing your resume, make sure you read this article before choosing ChatGPT since it might actually hurt your chances of getting a job interview.

First, What Does ChatGPT Think About Being a Resume Writing Tool?

If you want to learn more about ChatGPT for resume writing, who better to ask than the language model itself? So that’s exactly what we did. We logged in to ChatGPT and asked whether or not it should be used as a resume-writing replacement tool.

Image of Chat GPT on Laptop for Should You Use ChatGPT for Resume Writing?It responded that ChatGPT is not a replacement for human input and expertise. While the language model can generate text based on certain parameters, it does not have the ability to assess the relevance or accuracy of the information for a particular job application. As a result, individuals who rely solely on ChatGPT-generated text for a resume may result in an incomplete or ineffective portrayal of one’s skills and qualifications.

Furthermore, using ChatGPT for writing your resume may raise authenticity and ethical concerns. Some employers may view the use of AI-generated content as deceptive or disingenuous, and it is possible that using ChatGPT in this way could undermine one’s credibility in the eyes of potential employers.

ChatGPT is a useful tool for generating generic text, but it is important to consider the potential limitations and drawbacks when it comes to using it for your resume. Ultimately, job seekers should rely on their own knowledge, experience, and expertise to create a comprehensive and authentic representation of their qualifications and abilities, or hire a professional resume writer that will help them create a professional resume.

ChatGPT Resume Writers: Are They Legitimate?

Like other artificially intelligent (AI) software, ChatGPT creates content based on recognizable data patterns. It quickly analyzes data, formatting, and more from similar content to craft a usually passable piece of writing. For a similar example, the AI art generators of 2022 combined existing artwork to create seemingly new graphics. As a result, none of the AI’s artwork was purely original, and many artists identified their own work within the AI. Additionally, fine details like human fingers rarely looked realistic, even with more developed software.

ChatGPT’s content is based on data the AI algorithmically comes across online. The AI often focuses on commonly used phrases and content, believing repeated patterns indicate quality. Because of this, it may use skewed, biased, and “popular” but incorrect data, which can yield negative results, especially for fact-based content. In its current iteration, ChatGPT may be helpful for long-form, low-stakes content, but it often requires thorough editing and isn’t suitable for short-form content, such as resumes.

By relying on ChatGPT for resume writing you are unlikely to represent your talents and qualifications in the best possible manner. You are also very likely to end up with mistakes and errors across the document. While ChatGPT is very advanced, it cannot reliably replace a certified resume writer for the foreseeable future.

AI and Non-AI Resume Writing Services

Top-quality resumes should be highly personal and are meant to be tailored to the individual, including their specific skills, experiences, and keyword choices that appeal to their desired positions. For the best results, your resume must stand out from the next person in its content, keywords, and easy-to-read style.

ChatGPT Versus Professional Resume Writers

Because ChatGPT adopts existing patterns, phrases, and writing styles, using this AI for resume writing may not be as specific or personal as you need. ChatGPT may use data and word choices from other resumes that don’t actually work for you or your career. Even if it does include all the correct information, your resume’s phrasing may look like the next five or 100 candidates’ resumes without any unique details to make you memorable enough to receive an in-person interview.

ChatGPT prompts on mobile phoneComparatively, professional resume writers help your resume feel more personal and finely tuned than ChatGPT’s current capabilities. At Capstone Resume Services, our resume writers consult with you one-on-one by getting to know your experiences, goals, personality, professional brand, achievements, and career journey.

From here, the professional resume writing team ensures every word of your professional resume reflects who you are as an employee and meets the high standards of hiring managers and commonly used resume tracking systems.

Pre-ChatGPT AI Resume Writing

Some automated resume-writing services have been using AI since before ChatGPT became popular. These resume writing services use canned responses, letting you input the necessary information, such as job title, company, and dates, to compile a preset resume template with job descriptions. Unfortunately, many of these canned responses are reused, so two accountants that use the same service may have identical job descriptions throughout their resumes.

These canned responses may pose concerns for people using ChatGPT for resume writing. ChatGPT specifically focuses on repeated content. Because of this, the AI may use existing canned responses for job descriptions because they’re the most common content in its data source and, therefore, to the AI they are considered the most successful.

Should Use You Use ChatGPT for Resume Writing Services?

For resumes and other short-form content, every word on the page matters. Today, resumes must pass two obstacles: the hiring manager and their automated tracking systems.

Automated Tracking Systems for Resumes

Today, many employers use an automated tracking system (ATS) to review applications, especially for high-profile jobs or positions with lots of candidates. These systems automatically review all the data in a candidate’s resume to determine if they’re a good fit based on keywords and key phrases.

ChatGPT scatters an employer’s desired keywords in your resume if you request those specific keywords beforehand, which may help meet an ATS’s standards. However, depending on the ATS, using ChatGPT for resume writing may make yours feel too repetitive, especially if the ATS has already processed similarly AI-written resumes and documents.

Resumes that Hiring Managers Will Notice

When filtering through applications, hiring managers focus on candidates’ brands, leadership styles, decisions, and specific details of their achievements and work ethic. Therefore, your resume’s details should be specific to you and no one else. Employers and hiring managers have practically read as many resumes as ChatGPT itself, so they will likely be able to spot overused details and phrases better than anyone. Because of this, ChatGPT is not as reliable for effective resume writing. A professional resume writing service is a much better alternative.

Professional Resume Writing Services

AI software only sees your resume as a body of words, while employers see your resume as a representation of you as a professional. So the answer to ‘Should you use ChatGPT for resume writing’ is a resounding no! Instead, choose a professional resume writer. By working with you one-on-one and keeping up to date with what employers are looking for, certified resume writers can draft professional resumes that are personalized, detailed-oriented, and much more likely to stand out.

Request a FREE consultation with Capstone Resume Services to ensure your resume is written the right way and stands out from the crowd!

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