Capstone Resumes Founder, Amy Gies, Featured on

amy gies featured in article

We are proud to announce that our founder, Amy Gies, CPRW, was recently featured in an article on

Known as the “Career Hub for Tech,” is a career website for professionals in the tech industry. Dice also provides great articles on tech and is an excellent source of information for technology professionals. Amy was honored to be interviewed by writer, Leslie Stevens-Huffman, who is a business and careers writer with over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry.

The article, “Modernize Your Tech Resume for the New Year,” focuses on what to include in a tech resume and how to take a fresh approach to get the attention of recruiters in the tech industry. As the founder of a Silicon Valley resume writing company, Amy offered her perspective on what should be showcased in a tech resume and discussed the approach we take at Capstone when crafting tech management resumes.

“My contacts at major tech firms such as Facebook and Google say they’re looking for tech pros who take a different approach to their work and bring different perspectives.”

In the article, Amy discussed her approach to technical resumes and how she goes about changing and updating tech professionals’ resumes to best showcase their individual approach. According to Amy, hiring managers in the tech industry are looking for “tech pros who take a different approach to their work and bring different perspectives.” That being said, it’s important to show who you are and how you will work to solve problems.

“Your backstory needs to include the human side. Who did you consult with? How did you work with them to resolve the problem? That’s what they want to know.”

Amy explained how at Capstone, we are sure to dedicate one sentence in the summary to highlight the candidate’s “interpersonal skills” and their approach to tackling technical problems. We’re also sure to include a few non-technical achievements in the resume, to paint a full picture.

The article also explained how we incorporate the technology and specific techniques used into the accomplishments to show the “how-tos” of how they were able to master their skills and achieve their professional goals.

“Tech companies are interested in hiring people who have traveled extensively or worked overseas.”

When it comes to tech resumes, it’s also important to highlight any travel or global experience you may have. As Amy explains in the article, it’s beneficial to show that you have experience working with a diverse audience and have experience working with different or more flexible approaches.

If you’re a tech professional who needs help with your technical resume or technology management resume, our team of certified professional resume writers can provide you with one that’s sure to help you stand out to hiring managers.

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