Success Stories

  • Capstone Resume Services did a really outstanding job with crafting a cover letter and resume for me within an aggressive timeline. I was really blown away by the relevance and quality. Excellent job of capturing the essence of the position requirements and articulating how my skills, experience and interests apply. Amy was very professional, responsive and really took the time to understand me and my interests and background. An absolute pleasure to work with her. I also appreciated her sharing some helpful job search advice separately from the resume writing for which I contracted her. With her background as a recruiter herself she has really good insights into how prospective employers and other recruiters would think.

    Definitely recommend engaging Capstone Resume Services whether you need to create a cover letter and resume from scratch or if you just want a professional review and touch-up of your resume as I did. I would not have realized how much my resume could be improved had I not contacted Gies.

    Rick | Sr. Application Systems Administrator | San Francisco, CA

  • I've worked with a couple of different resume writing services over the past few years and I always felt like something was missing from the experience. A friend recommended Capstone and I worked with Amy. She was extremely responsive, open and friendly to work with. I felt like she "got" where I wanted to go with my resume and delivered what I needed quickly.

    What's nice about my experience with Capstone Resume Services is after updating my information online I applied for two jobs, went through the interview process for both and received and accepted an offer from one of the companies. Having a sharp resume and cover letter helped get my foot in the door. Thanks Gies!

    Paul | IT Project Manager | Mountain View, CA

  • Amy was a pleasure to work with as not only a Resume Writer, but in a coaching respect as well. She sets herself apart from her competitors by really taking the extra time to get to know her clients, and actually empower them. She was easy to communicate with, and made sure I was satisfied. If anyone is in search of a great resume writer, or wants to improve their linkedin profile, Amy is an ideal solution!

    Anna | Sales and Business Development Manager |Roseville, CA

  • Amy put me a million steps ahead in my job search!

    Lisa | Senior Account Manager & Corporate Trainer | Alameda, CA

  • Alison had worked with a couple different resume services in the past few years, but wasn't seeing the interviews or offers she wanted and felt something was missing from the experience. Alison contacted us in March 2014 wanting to completely revamp her resume content and presentation. We worked with her to capture her successes and inter-departmental collaboration to exceed market growth goals with her positions. After getting a new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile completed, she received and accepted a job offer for a senior marketing management role in May 2014.

    Alison | Marketing Manager, Communications Industry | Chicago, IL

  • Elias had recently been laid off and looking for a new opportunity. He had a broad scope of skill sets across multiple business functions, but wanted to focus on HR. He had worked in communications, publishing and business services industries and wanted to find an opportunity that would provide some stability for him. We created two different resumes for him, each focusing on a different business aspect. Within 3 months of using his new resumes, he had been invited to more than ten interviews and felt we had put him a million steps ahead in his job search. Something we strive with for each client!

    Elias | Business Operations & Human Resources Manager | Denver, CO

  • Dan was looking for a career change. After being a pharmacist for 12 years, he wanted to try something different and get into pharmaceutical sales. He was frustrated with the current system in pharmacy and found the part of his job he enjoyed most was speaking to physicians about patient outcomes and medications. He approached us in February 2014 to drive the content on his new resume and cover letter toward a career in pharmaceutical sales. We utilized a strategy to highlight his interactive, presentation, and clinical expertise that would be huge assets in talking with physicians and hospital administration everyday about new pharmaceutical products and benefits. He contacted us in June 2014 to say that he had accepted a position with a well known pharmaceutical company and was looking forward to starting in his new venture.

    Dan | Pharmacist | Dallas, TX

  • Micah is always looking for that next, exciting organization to be a part of on the ground floor. He had several successes under his belt within venture-backed start ups focused on consumer internet. He came to us in December 2014 wanting to get his LinkedIn profile updated to what he really felt spoke to his diverse skill sets in product design, partner relations growth and stakeholder communications. We discussed with him how all the successes came to light, what processes he took action with and how he consistently exceeded aggressive growth goals with revenue and monthly page views for new apps and products. Within 2 days of uploading his new LinkedIn profile, he was offered not one, but two executive positions with well funded, emerging technology companies.

    Micah | Technology Executive, Start Up Ecosystem | San Francisco, CA

  • Rob contacted us in September 2014 looking for a new senior management or director opportunity in the energy and utility industry. He had done some job searching, but wasn't getting interviews for positions he considered moving upward in his career. He had been out of work for 4 months looking and felt that was working against him. We showcased transferable skill sets in his career accomplishments, providing a demonstration of his application of them during his previous roles. Within 3 months, he contacted us to let us know he had 28 interviews, 7 second interviews and took a new job that was going very well. He also said his new LinkedIn profile was producing great reviews and new career opportunities simply because he is now being found in searches for the kind of positions he wants.

    Rob | Senior Business Development Manager | Walnut Creek, CA